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It’s a small world that has made an incredible impact on so many people.

It’s the hobby that crosses the boundaries of generations.

Collector Shows - Model Train Show & Sale - Trains on Display

All over the world, there are basements, back-yards and buildings where enthusiastic hobbyists take on the challenge of recreating “The Big Iron” that has amazed young and old everywhere.

Whether you are a model railroading enthusiast, a collector or just like watching these incredibly detailed trains, tracks, buildings and landscapes come to life,
then these shows are for you!

Our shows are more than just a Model Train enthusiast’s paradise, they are the ideal outing where you can marvel at these detailed treasures, perhaps find a piece for display on the fireplace mantel or even get excited enough to start getting involved in this wonderful hobby.

Just a small sampling of what you may find at one of our shows…
• Trains from the smallest Z-scale to the largest garden scale
• Complete train sets • Locomotives • Transformers • Rolling stock
• Track • Structures • Videos • Photos • Posters • Signs • Displays
• Railroad memorabilia and all the hobby supplies that you may require.
As always, too much to list it all!

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PLUS, there are often several operating layouts running all day long.
Click the links below to view some videos of train layouts at our shows
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