*To book your spot, please call Duane at (226) 559-7400 or email:

We always welcome new vendors to our shows.
Whether you are a just looking to find a buyer for your collection or you are in the business, our shows attract a wide variety of hobbyists, collectors and even those interested to find that special item to complete a decorative taste. Be a vendor at our shows. Tables are available to rent to anyone with item to sell.

*London Collectibles Expo Vendors:

If you would like to book for this show, please contact:

Jim Hooper (226) 927-2851 or email:


Do I require a vendor’s permit / business licence to do the show?
The answer to this is that since the elimination of the PST you no longer require a vendor’s permit to be a vendor at these shows. However, as it stands now, if your total business income exceeds $30,000 per year you are required by the government to be registered for HST. As the promoters, we obtain the necessary local business licences to cover all vendors at the event.

What is the difference between the
Collectibles Shows and the Nostalgia Shows?
Toy and Collectibles Shows offer a wide variety of both new and old collectible items while a Nostalgia Show is for only vintage collectibles which are more than 25 years old including small antiques.

How big is a booth?
We do not rent space by the booth. Space at these shows is rented by the table(s). Each table is 30″ wide x 8 ft. long and the table and chairs are provided for you. There is also a limited amount of space behind each table for vendor use. If you have specific requirements please contact us about them and we will do our best to meet those needs.

What is the cost of renting a table at the shows?
Please contact us for table rental information. To give you an accurate answer we would need to know which show you are interested in as rates vary slightly depending on the type of show and its location. Note that the rates are very reasonable and we have been told by many “If I had known that it was that inexpensive, I would have been doing shows long before this.’

When can we set-up for a show?
Vendor set-up begins at 7 a.m. on the morning of the show but all space must be booked prior to the event. If you are interested in setting up at a show, please book well in advance as vendor space for most shows sells out days or weeks prior to the event.

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